Bada Bing

Yah so the Coachella line-up came out today.
Every day is mind blowing.
I've already started my anticipatory diet of
only eating iced cubes.

Also: My plan is to come home impregnated by
one of the dudes in the above video. But because
my parents read the blog all the time I'm gunna
have to say I'm partially kidding. I would rather
sit on a crazy carpet and get pulled behind a train
all the way to Grand Forks than bare my own child.

Again I'm kidding. Partially.

The air I'm breathing right now is making me
soooo0 loopy. Did somone lace my air? 2010.


mukelarvin said...

I'd laugh if it ended up being the gingey drummer.


Chip said...

Yeah I'm on an ice diet too
only because I want my legs to look like arms in a swim suit tho

Anonymous said...

Are we going to Grand parents or what....I'm confused...again???