Haiti: Poem by Carvens Lissaint / Shot by Steven Duarte

Carvens is a Hatian-American poet and performer from New York City. He was on the 2009 Urban Word NYC slam team. His poem, “Haiti” was written a year ago and has a startling prophetic tone in the wake of recent tragic events in Haiti. He is a passionate and ruthless force. Under heavenly grace and favor, Carvens’ mother who was in Haiti at the time of the earthquake is safe and back home in the arms of her family. Carvens continues to be a recognizable face of the future and a profound example of noble men. Please share his poem. Please support Haiti in the relief efforts.

Every Drop Counts is a grassroots organization developed by a group of young artists and activists in the wake of the earthquake in Haiti. They are working to bring clean drinking and bathing water to Haitians working with the World Water Relief. Please donate to their efforts and follow them on twitter: @everydropchi


Anonymous said...

This brought tears running down my face.
They will truly never recover from this, just because we try to help now, doesn't excuse how we have ignored this third world country.

freya said...

Carvens says "there is always light at the other end of the tunnel. always beauty in the ugly we see. we are the motherland of freedom. you are carribean metaphore dancing in my blood. and no matter what they say, earthquakes can't shake us."

We aren't 'trying' to help, we ARE helping. Texiting HAITI to 90999 has already raised 2 million dollars. Mennonite Manitobans have collected 800, 000 over the last week and a half. The Yele foundation has too raised millions of dollars.

Anonymous said...


I really don't think you understand the logic in helping a third world country. Take a look at the statistics. I think helping now is commendable, but don't kid yourself.

allison said...

that is the EXACT model of a negative attitude that will resist and cease any kind of hope left. if everyone reacted that way, nobody would be doing anything to help and then where would we be?

if one person can help even one other person, that's the change. and that makes it worth it.

freya said...

Thank you allison...

Anon... if you have no hope for humanity, let me refer you to streetbonersandtvcarnage. They will embrace negative outlook. Don't waste your time posting your stats here, because millions of people are currently coming together in hopes of providing some sort of refuge (no matter how small) to a country in crisis.

some unlogical girl that has made the smallest difference with her (almost) empty piggy bank and prayers.