for your health

Happy Birthday to my dearest friend Tequila.
If you ever watch the sunrise, pls call urself Tequila Sunrise.
If I had one million dollars, you and I would be
on our way to Amsterdam to get serenaded
by boys in a boat on a canal.
But I don't, and you only get a shout out
on our lame blog.
Love u.
Nicole's bday was while there was tsunami warnings
and earthquakes rumbling in the Dominican which
caused little internet access.

But it's better late than never...
Happy Birthday girl...
The world was blessed with yo fine ass dutty wining skills.
I pray that all those hotties that live in Vancouver
(I know they exist),
will hunt you down like that hot chick in Zombie Land.
But instead of wanting to kill you, they want to romance
you and wine and dine you and tell u the funniest stories
about their dogs and stuff.

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