Peak Season Rant

Well I just wasted 30 minutes of my life mind blown at how
MTV managed to make Canada look like the biggest, idiotic
shit stye of the entire world. This show is so stupid.

I think MTV's casting call must have requested
that you be a part of the ugly train to apply.
No offense scoot or scoop or whatever.
And that Ian dude who is such loser for thinking
he's actually God's gift to girls;
probably has the smallest peen in Western Canada.


chelsea m. said...

the smallest

Anonymous said...

Y tiene el corazón de poeta,
de niño grande, de hombre-niño
capaz de amar con delirio
capaz de hundirse en la tristeza

Pues tiene el corazón de poeta,
de vagabundo, de mendigo
y así lo he conocido
y así me gusta a mí que sea,
que tenga el corazón de poeta.

freya said...

Whoa. Que? Quines? que lo que? Jeanette?

Anonymous said...

jean claude, french designer