i love life

So I am an apprentice now and it's rather exciting to be part of the hustle and bustle of the day in the life of a hair stylist.
What isn't exciting is when you are forced to wash the biggest bitch / "C U Next Tuesday" of North America's hair.
I had seen her around town at various locations so I thought that saying hi when she walked in the salon would be a nice gesture. She not only responded with silence, she actually added in the most revolting snear I have ever seen in my life. So when I found out I had to give her a nice shampoo, I peed my pants and walked her to the sink.
I thought I'd give her another try so I asked her how her day was and she picked up her phone and pretended talking on it. I felt like I was her servant and I imagined taking the hose thing, shoving it in her mouth, plugging her nose, and pinning her to the chair until her lungs filled with water and drowned.
When that thought passed I told myself WWJD and then said "Have a great day" to which she flipped her ugly hair at me and got my face wet and then snickered.
If I ever see her again with her 8000$ Burberry boots and her Prada trench I will seriously, seriously rip out her hair and then probably murder her.

In other news, I am really excited for the quatro (4) of dicembre (december). And for these doods to take Winnipeg dowwwnnnn.


Jackelyn said...

chelsea the funny thing is, for some strange reason i feel like I know EXACTLY who you are talking about, like to a tee! ha...whatever, when you are a famous stylist to the stars...she will be crawling back to you and thats when you can tell her all of those things and more!

Tjejsajten said...

I wiiiiish I knew who you were talking about!


PS. Your blog is funnier than our blog.

Aubrey said...

what a bitch!!!

chelsea m. said...

Jackelyn: FB me and tell me who you think it is asap! I am at the mall right now and I thought I just saw her. I almost threw myself offa the balcony.
Lana: I will tell you on the double!
Aubrey: Love you like a fat kid.

Lana said...

I can't believe that b-word didn't appreciate your head massage! I know you've been working on that technique.

chelsea m. said...

OMG! Jackelyn knew exactly who it was! This Winnipeg woman needs a slap in da face and a giant ass whoopin for the way she has been treatin us ladies.

Jackelyn said...

i think the whole of the city knows who she is...that was the best thing ever knowing who you were talking about without even the slightest physical description! I talked to my friend who also works retail and she agreed the bitch is crazy...that say's it all