me oh my

I know what Frap is talking about.
We have zero time on our hands to do anything in yet somehow we find ourselves twiddling our thumbs while sitting in a vault for all hours of the night just wishing and whishing and swishing ideas around in our heads about becoming astronauts, ballerinas, crump teachers, garbage men, chimney sweepers, Kate Moss, hotel receptionists, anchourwomens, lion tamers, brothel cleaners, plumbers, plumbers butts, Ginger and Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island, iron chefs, kite flyers, gynocololologists, back up dancers, plastic surgeons, tree planters, tmz talkers, bloobers, tlooders, Boy George, shoe cleaners, salt n pepper carnies, wedding planners, gluttons, poutine garberators, lipstick color picker outters, oompa loompas and groupies. There are about 25 more but my fingies are crampin. I shall leave you with this.

Pause at :31 and you shall see moi. A budding, soon to be very very extraordinarily famous actress. Now I am going to get in my car and sleep-drive to BK Lounge and drown my sorrows in 3 - 4 poutines plus one Veggie Burg.
Goodnight maties.


allison said...

does "soon to be" mean in 4 and a half years considering that was when this accidental cameo happened to this movie?

chelsea m. said...

i hate you