I think I first got a myspace when I was like 17.
I was extremely impressionable and was going through
this phase where I kinda wanted to be emo.


...It happened.

Anyways, at that point in my life,
my top friend was Forbidden.
She's queen of myspace,
hotta than Tila.

I would look at this picture and think to myself,
"I wish I could be a real OG O.C. bitch just like her..."
"How did she get her lip liner so perfect?"
"It's no wonder she has 1 million friends..."
I just went to see how good old Christina Dolce is doing,
and luckily, from the outfit she decided to wear to this
Myspace event;
it looks as though she's suffering hypoglycemia
or something where her judgement is affected.
Or maybe her disorder is just plain hyphy wackness,
cause this is hilarious.

Forbidden, please leave me a photo comment you jive ass turkey.

1 comment:

chelsea m. said...

i still really want to be her.
from anonymous.