Hello. I have just gotten home from the most traumatic experience in my entire life. I am currently in a dire need of Wild Hibiscus flowers in syrup for a party I am attending this weekend and my penny pinching little self thought that instead of buying them at my local fine foods store, I was going to head to Chinatown where I was hoping to buy a whole entire CASE for 5 dolla. Now, I have driven through Chinatown before with a friend and I am pretty dang good with directions so I figured I was on the right path... which I probably was... but then, while on the bus staring at the cute boy sitting across from me, my mother calls... which means I am not allowed to do anything else because she can tell that I'm not listening and then proceeds to ream me out about it. So, giving my mum my full attention, I lose track of where I am and when the bus pulls over at the next stop I figure this would be a good time for me to get off... WRONG! wrong... so very wrong... I got off at a little stop we like to call Main & E. Hastings... which to those of you who know Vancouver is prrrrrroooobbbabbblllyyy the worst one. Now I know some of you may be saying ohhhh suck it up, its not that bad... I would have probably been saying the same thing YESTERDAY but today my life changed. All of the sudden, I am being yelled at my some woman because I am talking on my phone, my mum is practically in tears thinking I'm going to die, the traffic lights were out so some random crack addict was directing traffic (and actually doing an impecible job). My decision is to keep my head down and walk as fast as I can, and then... this same woman starts yelling at me " HEY! ... HHHEEEYY YOUUU!!" I can hear her voice getting closer and its so loud it drowns out all the other people yelling at eachother... I look for some help, there is another girl who looks semi-normal and she just gave me the "you're on your own sorry" look... so what do I do? RUN LIKE HELL! I hang up on my mom and decide to bolt it... I have no shame here, she continues to pursue me until she runs into someone who apparently owes her money and then I notice that I am completely forgotten. I keep running tho, just to be sure... my leisurely stroll turns to me being lost in East Vancouver for an hour or so, never finding Chinatown (or my hopeful 5 dolla case full of Hibiscus flowers) and my bus transfer running out. All in all I'm just happy to be telling the story... and for anyone in the area... STAY AWAY FROM THIS WOMAN!!!

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