happy n nappy

I have decided that I need to restore my feeling and my thinking... working on my -ing if you will, thanks to a girl named Gabby. Releasing all of my fear and negativity etc. It's not a typical partie and pachoulli post, but internal happiness is where it's at right now.

Connections can hook into our energy field and negatively effect us. I am working on cutting the cord with someone I feel energetically entangled with and is ultimately lowering my experience. I've mentally cut this cord and am working on restoring all of my positive energy that I have lost over the last few years and releasing the negative energy I have gained. I have forgiven, and this energetic cord has been cut.

I feel happier already.

Oh and I went to Iceland with this super cool dude that I like
who makes me the happiest of the happy happy.
I love being happy.

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