i am furious that i dont p&p no mo. what the heck else is there to even do?
watch golden girls? no. i have seen every episode 5 times at least.
watch full house? yes, but then i get depressed n wish i was a kid aggain. so no.
watch my neighbours get dressed and go pee? yes, but they gave me the finger yesterday and then i got a note on my car saying that this was going to be my last day on earth. so no again.

f it all. seeing as im ded tomoro im gonna put up one last post. it isnt that good so screw u.

its a couple record sleeves i found in my estranged sisters recrod sleeve collection.

. . .

oh yah, and happy birthday to allison marinelli she is my 22 year old sister. hope u make new friends who arent students.


Andrew said...

i'm her friend and i ain't no student

Aubrey said...

I thought that was khole kardashian at first! Nice

Allie said...