Chelsea and I entered a talent show
a couple years ago, where we rapped
en Espaniol to my favorite Reggaeton song.
Atreve te te te salte de closet.

This song brought out a deep appreciation
for James Franco. We would rehearse over and over again.
There were times of frustration, times of anger,
times of weave pulling, crying tears of joy,
crying tears of sadness.
We would not have been able to preform if
it wasn't for James.

To return the gracious gift of love,
and to complete our production,
we felt it necessary to display a large portrait
of James on the screen behind us.

We recently received this letter from Franco:

"My hot babies:
I was asked to do a cover for
Candy Magazine.
I worship the ground you walk on
(as you know ;) :D :o)
Therefore, I took inspiration
in both your beauty
and transformed it
into my own.
I love you both like a flaming candle
lighting up the Mona Lisa on a cold winter's night
in Syracuse.
Please never forget me.

Attorney Street is killing it.

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chelsea m. said...

tearssss are streaming down my beauty face. i love this man and what he has made us become.