I am a Needy Girl today.

The only reason I am posting this is because I think that Dave 1 has stolen Freyalover's signature arm guitar weird twitch thing...she was definitely the first person to develop this disease. It's travelling around the world fast. Be careful. Don't let her breath on u.
Also I am posting this because Chro Chro is so Hype Hype and always will be.


freyfreyfreyalova said...

HE HAS GOT THE BUG! probably cuz i made out with him.

Chagaluga said...

Oh yah...most likely. Wait, I thought u told me u were with p thugg that night? Cuz I thought I wa making out with Dave. Oh magosh, were we THAT DRIZUnK??????

Chip said...

yeah I got the vaccine for this just the other day. Terrifying illness.

but is he seriously reading his lyrics off a paper? k no

freya said...

dont hate on my bf chip thx