I dont know what just happened to me.
But whatever it was, it was the best thing I have ever done.
Red Eyes are weird and Im tired and I gotta go to twerk.
I have sounded like Snooki allll afternoon.

I have to go do my make up like Will.I.Am, k bye.


AubreyLOVESfreyaloverspusspuss said...

I have an erection that has lasted the past 72 hours, i may need to seak medical attention!

Jazzy Pants said...

oh of course baldie is wearing an affliction shirt....of course

Chip said...

look at your claw hand... drink and phone in one hand, never seen it done like that

u also look wasted

i fucking love you

little bird said...

is that the situation? did he show you his situation? did they possibly cause you to have a situation? ...like a women's Klinic type of situation?