mr. big stuff

you are feeling the yellosey of bridgette?

freya und i are having zee movie mania nacht. starting with zee hit, Satisfaction, yes, i have seen zees movie not only eins (ine-ss), zwei (tsvy), drei (dry), vier (feer), BUT funf (foonf) timez. but ich been in love with zis movie.

next up was Lena's Holiday. wow. so good. well not really. a bit of a poor attempt of something very shitty. freya only wanted to rent it because it was filmed in hollywood so lets let her elaborate...

Freya's review of Lena's Holiday: I really like Hollywood. I think it is so pretty there. But this movie made me want to stick a few logs of fire wood in my mouth, pour some gasoline on the logs and light a match. I am still so disappointed that I am going to put a whole wackload of diamonds into a bunch of condoms.

thanks freya. that was a brief yet perfect sinopsus.!


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