p.s. .............. I love you

ummmm I don't know who follows Grey's Anatomy or not but... I do. Maybe you have seen him in a recent Rihanna video but like...wtf... beauty exudes this random case of a human male. Lastnight was the 4th consecutive night that I dreamt about him and I am one hundred percent positive that it won't be the last! I just don't know why the producers of GA haven't hooked him up with anyone yet... I just want to see a steamy makeout sesh... is that creepy? I don't think so... anywhoo.... I'm a bit wine drunk and it has been a struggle not to have a typo these past few sentences... these are just my thoughts though...

p.s. I kind of want to move to Seattle to go to med school so I can become a resident at Seattle Grace and mack all these dudes that aren't being casted any love interests!!!!!


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