Red Bull Thre3style!!!! GNAR!

Something that is near and dear to my heart
are Red Bull events. Red Bull knows how to throw
a good partie. Thre3Style is coming up! Shit!
It's at TYC! The Garden of Eden!

It's on February the 25th, and I can't wait
to quite frankly throw my lacy pannies at Dow Jones.

Red Bull Thre3Style: Vancouver 2010 from Red Bull Thre3Style on Vimeo.


Chip said...

i donut know like, any of these DJs

this is bogus


freya said...

i need to marry diplo

Anonymous said...

freyaaa i'm working thursday night (at the garden of eden)

i call the pole.

Anonymous said...

ps. guess who.

freya said...

kaylee or janique i bet!