Nicole's Dilemma

Chelsea, I know exactly how you feel. I love both of these boys equally but they have recently given me an ultimatum that I have to choose between one or the other... I have been losing sleep and can't think straight at school. I love Seth's sense of humour but I love Shia's confidenccccce and straight up sexy sexy.

I have been reading up through my medical journals and recently found that surgical procedures are being done to literally cut people into halves, and then put each half of the other person together to make one new person. It was written by this female doctor who had to choose between Nicholas Cage and Billy Bob Thorton. Although her combination turned to be catastrophic, I thiiiiiiiink this may work for us. Its really cool just go to this site and she does a pre-opp evaluation and gives you the expected results.

Mine would look sort of like this.
Not bad hey.

I will call him Shieth LeRogen. Now I guess the next step is to see if they are down with this whole idea. but they probably already know because they stalk me so much they are probably reading this right now.

Lets do it boys!
(I'm in class and have nothing better to do)

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BBQ said...

Maymay told me this blog was funny, you should know, I look a lot like the last photo.