die antwoord?

Taxijam presents Die Antwoord from taxijam on Vimeo.

Well these guys have certainly blown up
the bloggosphere as of late... and I'm not
going to lie, I think they are bamboo bangin
off every wall of my eight walled room.
I have eight walls in my room.
Anyways, I think this girl is dope. My mom
would kill me if I asked to copy her haircut,
but I'm gunna ask anyways. She would also
kill me if I brought a boy home with two gold teeth.
I'm still going to move to South Africa. Bye.

SKERRIT BWOY di bad bwai pon de beenie gyal.
Coo yah, Galang bout yuh business, yu dam lagga head bud.

I speak fluent Patois.

ps. they have made daggering
(the form of dance in the above video)
illegal in Jamaica.


Chip said...

yeah I'm really into this

at first I was like no
but now I'm like fuck yes

Anonymous said...

The dancing is not banned. It's the word daggering in songs. Dem still dagger.

freya said...

i heard it was banned on beaches where there are tourists... but i am relieved.