Suga Mama

Hello, my name is Chema Tazleema other wise known as Mami Flaca. I just got back from Miami where I visited Doctor Erin who has transformed me into the hottest bitch on the block. I am getting really popular and famous and so I figured that I needed to get some serious work done so that people would know who the real me is, you know?

I got my...

-ears pinned back
-nose chiseled
-fat injections in lip, belly, ankles and muffin tops
-ulna bone shaved
-back bone shaved
-back hair completely shaved altogether
-eyes whitened
-new eye balls altogether
-another row of teeth implanted
-a sixth toe added
-nose hairs bleached
-a tiny dancer placed in my atom's apple
-a bowl of spaghetti inserted in my palm of my hand
-a left platform shoe permantly stapled onto my left foot
-a lightbulb glued to my forehead
-a mocking bird shoved in my weave
-a piece of string hanging from my nostrils

and once i come up with 80 000 more dollars i will be getting more.

1 comment:

Chip said...

you look good but not GREAT.. you know?