crazy over u

I was checking the stats for P & P
and realized someone linked us with
the tag: "When you're born a freak, it's pretty easy"

I just have to clarify something. Ashley may have
been born looking exactly like Tyra Banks circa 1993,
Chelsea may have full facial hair that extends
midway down her back and chest,
Nicole's teeth never grew in
and I somehow wove my umbilical cord
into an over-the-shoulder-carry-all with only 2 fingers
while in womb, but none of us are freaks.

I was bored last night so here is just a quick vid I made
of all the dance moves I learned down south.
Especially dedicated to Luke Marvin.


Tjejsajten said...

omg yes

chelsea m. said...

mami mami. you were really bored last night. i can tell you probably had your eye lids jammed open with forks when you write shit like that. am i right am i right?

chelsea m. said...

ok. so i actually watched this. i wasn't going to but i did. who the F%*K is this ASS HOLE? what a freaking loser. ughhhhhhhhh i am SO MAD

freya said...

chill chels chill... you have offended me.

Anonymous said...

this just made my night
i am laying in bed with tears in my eyes.
and just posted it on like 5 people's facebook walls.
thank you for this
lesley :)