baby u and spegarri

First thing first.
Yesterday I was sitting in the airport
when I felt an earthquake.
I had no idea the amount of damage it could have caused.
I have spent 20 years in the Dominican Republic
and have been graced with knowing some amazing and beautiful Haitian people.
My heart is broken for you and your country.

Just a taste of my month...

This is the view of the sunset from my front door.

Weezy and friends had this pig for x-mas :(

walk, walk to kite beach for swoon worthy goodies

this surfer parks his viking ship in the bay of cab
and then viking ships home at night

sha shana shaaaaa

dominican car wash

went quadding thru a buncha poo colored poo

my fav norwega helene

oh yah mami u risky

mr. brightside for guri

all time best friend and his boy.
havent seen him in five years.
love u.

all u can drink burrs from 4-6
with chris and genesisisisisis

the whitest girl u know

praying for haiti,


Chip said...

so fun and nice and good

Anonymous said...

that poo colored poo looks pretty gnarly

chelsea m. said...

yah yah spargaarri, fartwind says hi and he gave all his money to shoe shiners yesterday so there is no more for your loan or mastercard bills.