Mat, Bira, Kvinnor, Weed

This is Ezra aka Kingdom. He is the nicest, steeziest DJ I have ever met and shoot, can he ever get a party going. He makes his own hats. This one means a bricklayer builder I think.

Luke Coolwalker


Janik with some new fringe

Two cool cats

Neon trousers

Mike and Ike

Kingdom and Mike B!

Pretty young tings

Matt and his two BFF's

The Hosers

The Crowd

Shout out to Candace! She arrived before 4 am this time! Woooo


After partie

The Host, Lucifurr


Those of you who didn't get to make it out, super sorry and super sucky. Kingdom made the walls of the Albert fall down and now it's under construction. What wahttt!
Thanks to all the partie animals that came out, you so pretty cool.


freya said...

looks like a pretty good night... even better that you are wearing my dress. glad its there and not in my wardrobe here... coulda used it.

not. jk jk.

anyways, kingdom is sexi and if i was there i'd follow him around with my tongue hanging out. do u get it?

chelsea m. said...

i get it. i was doing the same thing and then he elbowed me in the face, refer to second last picture.

also. u gave me that dress as a present several years back, i think it was for my 18th birthday to be exact.

sue yourself

Anonymous said...

Awesome party! Kingdom was amazing, where do you find these dudes??

Chip said...

Aubrey9000 stop copying me

fun partie
also the word verification fr this is 'teddys' so... Ya

Anonymous said...

andrew chipman is so hot i think

Anonymous said...

yah so hot and same with kingdom and partie and pachoulli

Tjejsajten said...

such fun. let's do it all again tonight, ya?
is it just me or does winnipeg have major major babes in it these days?


Anonymous said...

please never have a "partie" again.

just joking.

mukelarvin said...

I agree with Megs. My homie Brendan and I had a moment of awe as we took in all of the fly honnies.

Makes me want to reconsider my retirement from "the game".


Anonymous said...


Aubrey said...

and I thought I was Delusional, like really me wear cords chip?

Best part of the night is how I blocked out the fact my entire purse was jacked by mike and ike (not placing blame) and didn't let it ruin my night until i kicked in my window at 6am.