Chelsea Letterman

I would like to share some very pertinent information with my fellow friends.I am very, very, very much in love with many people-aka boys-in this world, and I talk about them frequently. I just wanted to make it real clear though, that my real deep dark male desires are not really the young, spry handsome hotties that you might find in a cool indie film, or some vampire show or a new hip rock band.
The real men that I daydream about for 9 hours a day are these babes.

Oh Stevie baby. Your hair color makes me crazy!

Jackie boy. What am I gonna do with you! You are the devil in disguise! Yeeow!

Chevy Chevy Hunka Hunka Burnin Love. Weeeeow!

David, you gift from God. I will never stop loving you and I will never stop dreaming that one day I will be Harry's step-mom. We could read him bed-time stories till he falls asleep and then we would sit by the fire in our mansion living room sipping on dirty gin martini's listening to Paul play the piano.


Tjejsajten said...

jackie boy jeeeeeez take me home. invite him to the P&P party on friday?


chelsea letterman said...

hahah i fkkn wish!