baby u and spagetti i miss u alreadi

Justa couple highlights of DJ Skeet Skeet and Rony's Photobooth.
Melissa can even work a toilet seat protector
record holder look like a piece of fine art.

Chris and Johnny Makeup are gunna
get hoooked upppppp!!!

Babes came

I dj'd for 2 secs

Our town ladies and gents.
Love it or love it.

Canada's Next Top Model came to
shake her long luscious legs.

Adam has the cutest gf in existence?

I could go on forever but I'd rather
you do the work.


please with a cherry on top. said...

again again again again again again

Anonymous said...

please with cow bells attached to my naked body

Chicken Dancer said...

please with empty beer cans dangling from my pants.

freya said...

how about with a sk8 sticker apperently entwined in my hair for the whole night.

Aubrey7000 said...

how long must i suffer before i know whyyy why why i wake up with no knowledge of home-time fly girrls. g-hats aren't really my style yo. My spys also heard of much confusion @ airpot and beautiful red head gettin cozy with beautiful black man, haut pda! i'm just saying, rumour or not. loving emotions 1 + 2

Anonymous said...

i heard rony proposed to f

Chip said...

First you print the poster missing your poster boy

then u don't even post me here


freya said...


chelsea m. said...

she didnt post me either chip! lets keeeeel errrrr boiiii

aubreywhatever said...

fine i suck for you, but later u regret