wéékénd off

Started off by going to the Park Theater to see
Winnipeg's own Sons of York as they just relased
a new CD.

Started a Bad Romance in the rec room

at our dear friend Cole's birthday Celebration.

Accentuating Suzy's goodies.

Chan was impressed.

Went to China Town.

Isn't my dog the funniest?


Don't worry Chan,

I'm not going to post the other video.

You can sleep now!


Anonymous said...

that was one of the best nights in a long.... AND THANKS Freya i owe you.

Chip said...

a guy in that video looks exactly like me
I had to think if I'd ever been there

Doggy likes GAGA
sorry I cannot hear u I'm kinda busy

chelsea m. said...

this is the the most disgusting video i have ever scene. seen. im allowing this to stay up here for ten more minutes and then its being thrown in the recycle bin and then i am deleting the recycle bin.