Meet the two raddest lads in the entire world. When or if I have offspring of my own, they will look identical to this. They will have personal shoppers and several credit cards and they will love me so so so much.

I feel that this will not be for quite some time because I still have a heck of a lot of learning to do. For example, today, I embarrassed myself to the eighth degree when I was cutting my new client's hair and she told me that her hair was falling out because she was post partum. I then responded with, oh I am soooooo sorry to hear that, and we are going make you so pretty and happy and then I asked her all these weird questions about the disease or whatever and basically shoved my whole foot and leg in my mouth because post partum doesn't mean post partum depression. It means that she just had a friggin baby.

I wish Freya would have told me that, instead of all her other private parts stories. Sorry but it's true.

Also CONGRATS to the Relic cause she gots a real job now and now shes gonna make reaaaal mad money!

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Anonymous said...

oh chels,
i have said about one billion stupid things in my career, when you talk all day long, all days, it just happens.. if you stay away from convos about politics, religion, sex with inanimate objects, it helps, and just remember how small this city is... never use anyone's name when telling a story!
lisa :)