rather embarassing

I don't have anything to blog about.
I blogged about this before, but my mom made me delete it.
I think enough time has gone by, that it can be kind of funny.
Before, it was just pathetic.
I was home alone one night, and sometimes
boredom can really get the best of me.
One time my old poodle Angelina Pupperina
ate some raw steak, so we made her drink Ipecac
to puke it up.

I was bored and wondered if it really
makes you puke. It expired in 1990.
And me being the excellent nurse that I am,
took a pretty decent chug.

Anyways, my stomach came out of my mouth
that night and had to get it surgically inserted again.


Anonymous said...

i made you a chicken sandwich for your lunch today, the best befor date on the meat is sept 3,2009. i think you will really enjoy it, it is sitting in that stream of sunlight on the dining room table, don't forget to grab it...
i suggest you find the episode of the simpsons that was the inspiration for the ipicac trial and post it...eska yarta losamin.....
mom, mama, mommy

Chip said...




chelsea m. said...



that made me laugh so fkkn hard that i threw up my bladder and it landed in the corner of my class room and then it wet itself

freya said...

ohhh my gosh chels ahahahah

Anonymous said...

we have cable TV...how bored can one be...now we know.....good thing you didn't find the Liquid Plumber!!!