Apres Yoga? how about apres I vommit all over you?

ok so, obviously loving it here on the West coast... thats a SHOE-IN (?) butttt I do need to have a little vent sesh on the horrid attire that my fellow Kitsilano neighbors insist on wearing.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Vancouver, I live in Kits which is near the water and kind of a yuppy yet casual area of the city. Great cafes and restaurants, cute little boutiques... WHATEVER. Although I prefer the shopping on Main or Commercial there are still some grreat outlets to purchase some sweet staples. I am honestly shocked that there aren't as many Lululemon stores as there are Starbucks in this city because it SEEMS as though every female residing within 5km of me must be wearing a lulu item at all times... especially the lululemon "apres yoga" jacket. If I had a sweet nickel for everytime I saw someone wearing one of those jackets, I would be writing this dang blog from my Malibu beach house right between Paula Abdul and Pierce Brosnan. yeah thats right. Regardless, the point I am trying to get across here is that I really don't like those jackets and I am nervous that some poor late-twenties woman is going to be behind me in line at Starbucks and I am going to "accidentally" CHUCK my Grande (unsweetened, non-fat, easy ice) iced coffee alllllllllllllll overrrrrr herrrrr uglyyyyy JACKET!!!

Much love from the coast! xx

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freya said...

i hate lu lu... the only lemon i'm down on is liz. lu lu eat #$^%$