john lick my face mayer

Ever since I carpooled to Contemporary, I have had a strong
and overbearing attraction to John. I would give my eyes and
teeth to sit across from him and listen to his soothing voice tell
me stories about taking naps with his cousins after
yearly Thanksgiving dinners.

I have been asking him out on dates via Twitter for a few months...
He hasnt responded yet, but I feel like soon he will feel pressured
enough to say yes. I have full faith that I could make him fall
in love with me and we could get an ocean front beach house
in Malibu. We could have bonfires and I could make him tea.
He could sing me songs and then I could make him laugh
by getting so overwhelmed with happiness Id feel obligated to
roll around in the bonfire. With being a nurse, I would steal
some supplies, and he could carry me to the house over his
shoulder and then I could nurse my own wounds, and he would sit
there and read me rhyming poems to take my mind off the pain
and just focus on the happiness.

here is his new song.


allison said...

i love him.
more than dinosours and milkshakes.
i love him. a lot.

Fanaynaye said...

ugh! I really tried to watch this and embrace J.M. but mannnnnnnnnn i reallllllllllllllyyyyyy donnnnnnn't liiiiiiikkkkkkeeee himmmmmm!!!!!!

I am also a bit buzzed and it is 5 am so... anything I say is pretty much null.