ummm so not sure if any of you have been following the whole "balloon boy" thing that has been going on lately, but I have no life so I have been following it quite closely... The boys name is Falcon Heene and he was apparently swept away in this monstrous metallic balloon and everyone was freaking out and it was all over CNN only for them to find him hiding in the attic of his garage the whole time. So now they are all over the news and people are accusing them of wanting publicity. They are claiming that was not the case and they really felt that this boy was in the giant balloon... they don't want publicity they say (keep in mind they are on the show Wife Swap). Well REGARDLESS.... I personally think this is a huge publicity stunt to promote their hot new single "Pussified", starring Balloon boy and his brothers with cameos from mum and dad... Enjoy!

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