Sending my love from out West... I have been here for one day shy of a week and I am luuuuuving it!#$%#@ but am definitly missing my homies thats fo sho! Its weird to go from having a life and things to do everyday to literally sitting up in bed staring at the wall for a solid hour... or sorting my copious amount of dvds by genre, followed by alphabetizing them all... and then staring at them.
haha no but seriously I am having funnnn! My parents came this weekend and we Ikead up my life! All white of course to balance my room with my crazy ass jampacked closet... and to mimic Glenn Close (Fatal Attraction - Thriller/Drama - in between Enemy of the State and Fight Club). We also walked the entire sea wall of Stanley Park Saturday morning and went through this stellar all organic food market in the city for brunch. We also took my new adorable roommate for dinner at the Watermark on Kits Beach for a pretty sunset and probably one of my last full course meals for a while. I've already made a few new friends, added some new digits to my phone, but man do I need a j.o.b. already so I can socialize with someone/something other than my reflection in the mirror... haha! but really... all is swell and I am hungover on a tuesday morning and lastnight Iofficially found the first night club I despise! but I am sipping on a soy cappucino in a trendy cafe on 4th and am proceeding to go shopping at an array of vintage boutiques... after I purchase a pair of rubber boots dangitttt!!
Lovesies and Missies followed by infinite x's and o's

Nikki Marsenic

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