Fraser wanted me to blog about whether I was supporting or rejecting MIA.
The NY Times article is pretty harsh and I feel we should all just do her a favor
and call her a terrorist, so she can stop asking us to. I don't like any of her songs on her latest
album. However tho, Aurlar and Kala are still two of my favorites. I'm not very politically charged so I dont really get the Born Free video. Its a great film though, because it's filmed by Gavras. XXXO was produced by Rusko, who is attractive. Tell Me Why was produced by Diplo at the Red Bull Studio, which I like. But in reality I def x'd out of YouTube half way thru each song. "Maya feels that Gaga is not original." OK Maya.
“I am so tired of stylists,” Maya said. “They are ruining individual style" Then dress yourself.
Anyways, from the article it made it seem like she just really wants to be famous. You can also tell from her shitty new pop influenced music. And from her Givenchy hired body guards.
For Nylon she recently said:
Her teenage years in Los Angeles.
"I was always going out to LA because my cousin lived there, and she knew all the Bloods and Crips. So I was hanging out with her, having crazy times, and then I’d come back and be like, ‘I hung out with Tupac last week!’ and nobody knew who he was!”
Really though? Weren't you supposed to be fighting the good fight in Sri Lanka?



Chip said...

she can suck a nut

even tho if she comes here with Die Antwoord I'll shit a nut and a half

frase\ said...

well what i really wanted was a fan fiction diplo diss track, can u make this happen?